Top Trends in Home Building in 2023

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to make some changes or a builder looking for new ideas, there are a few trends in home building that will stick around. In 2023, these design elements are sure to be top priorities for homeowners, and they’ll have a positive impact on the way homes are built.

Colors and Natural Tones

Combinations of dark and light colors are becoming popular in residential architecture, as they can add interest and improve focus. This trend also reflects consumers’ desire to create environments that are comfortable and relaxing.

A variety of neutral hues are popular, including grays, tans and creams. These shades can be used in everything from walls and ceilings to furniture and countertops.

Sustainable Materials and Designs

Eco-friendly materials are a growing trend in home building, as more homeowners are thinking about their energy costs. This includes using less-polluting building products and utilizing sustainable fabrics, like recycled cotton.

Smart Technology and Automation

Smart home technology is another hot trend, especially with the rise of smart devices. This technology makes it easier for consumers to control their homes’ lighting, thermostats, and security systems from their phones or tablets.

Privacy is a popular feature in modern home design, as it allows those who work at home to maintain focus without having to share spaces with guests or family members. This type of design can help improve work/life balance, and it will be a feature that’s sure to stick around in 2022.

Curved Shapes and Textures

The trend towards a contemporary style is a big part of this top design aesthetic. Rather than over-detailed moldings and square columns, architects are opting for crisp shapes and flat surfaces.

This trend can be seen in the curved shapes of sofas, oblong coffee tables and other structural elements. It can also be found in the use of different textures, which helps to make a space feel more welcoming.

Comfort-Based Design

Homeowners are increasingly seeking comfort in their daily lives, and the best home builder Boise, ID are meeting that demand by focusing on designing the perfect spaces to fit their lifestyles. This means creating the ideal living rooms, owner’s suites and other spaces with amenities to promote relaxation.

Outdoor Luxury

A lot of homeowners are sprucing up their backyards, with many opting for patios and outdoor living rooms with televisions and fireplaces. This trend is expected to continue as more homeowners enjoy spending time outside.

Adding outdoor space is one of the most important and popular new construction trends. This includes patios, decks, screened porches, and outdoor living rooms, which allow homeowners to entertain or relax in their favorite spots in the sun.

These features are more than just decor — they’re designed to boost health, wellbeing and happiness. They are also a great investment for homeowners and help to increase the value of their property. With a few smart design decisions, you can turn any outdoor area into an extension of your home.